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16 February 2011Toyota YP07CDF
3 June 2010The simplest possible OpenStreetMap server
2 June 2010First day of Skobbling
23 April 2010James Murdoch: "we shall prevail"
1 April 2010Hacking Ordnance Survey Meridian2 for beginners
9 March 2010The OpenStreetMap experience
8 March 2010Cropping Illustrator CS artwork when saved as a PDF
12 January 2010Latitude scale. Or, paleos may know something after all
12 January 2010The best tablet yet
23 April 2010James Murdoch: "we shall prevail"
18 November 2009Ordnance Survey goes free - some initial thoughts
4 November 2009The mysterious data mines of Argleton-on-Google
19 October 2009Dear Royal Mail
29 September 2009The neogeographers are coming for your children
11 September 2009Vote for the Data Liberation Front to tackle aerial imagery
25 August 2009Fixing FP-40 - Unicode/international textField input in Linux Flash Player
7 June 2009Aerial photography, cock fighting and vodka bottles
25 May 2009Through the Thames by bike
31 July 2008The ten most terrible characters in the Archers
26 June 2008Huawei E220 on Mac OS X
19 June 2008Boat design fun
16 June 2008When you leave your camera in a pub
21 May 2008Installing Ruby and MySQL on a G5 running Leopard
16 May 2008More competition for PR person of the year
1 May 2008Subversion for Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)
27 March 2008Still can't quite believe this one
5 March 2008Blogging
5 March 2008CCD PR are spamming wankers
5 February 2008Sainsbury's Basics Cutlery
13 January 2008Cycle map on your GPS
9 January 2008Wow
20 December 2007Why blogs suck (special Christmas edition)
14 December 2007World's best mapping still not on the web
12 December 2007Chief Executive trashes countryside organisation, resigns
7 December 2007Vote Connect2
4 December 2007Quadrilateral to square
27 November 2007Sent from my boatPhone
16 November 2007WW website
7 November 2007Five years of GPS mapping
24 October 2007Google WTF (volume 8)
24 September 2007Separated at birth
18 September 2007Highlight
17 September 2007Blowing away the dust
19 July 2007Mah fellow mappers
15 June 2007Reborn slippy
15 June 2007Annoyed bunny stops spraying releases, starts spraying bullets
13 June 2007Idiot PR spraymailers
4 June 2007You've stolen my f---ing badger
31 May 2007I am not at Where 2.0
21 May 2007Co-oponomics
18 May 2007WH Smith in Chipping Norton
17 May 2007Creative Suite 2 is a joke
13 May 2007The go-anywhere cider guide
9 May 2007The management culture
3 May 2007Bow Locks to the Waterways Minister
26 April 2007Translation From PR-Speak to English of Selected Parts of the Prime Minister's Response Regarding the Petition about BW Funding
26 March 2007How to install web 2.0
22 March 2007Headline of the week
14 March 2007Of wikis and licences
14 March 2007Response from the Defence Muppet and Foreign Muppet
8 March 2007Playing with Potlatch
6 March 2007Of all the people
19 February 2007Attention all open railway data haxx0rs
14 February 2007Streetmap updates its imagery
28 January 2007Mapping London
19 January 2007iPhone and Flash
10 January 2007Nnnnnnnnnngh
4 January 2007Lightweight AMF (Flash remoting) for PHP
19 December 2006Google (Maps) buys Endoxon
11 December 2006Potlatch: almost there
27 November 2006733,523 points
21 November 2006Automated surveying
14 November 2006Badass the Cat
9 November 2006Jack's CPC doesn't have a dodgy SHIFT key
1 November 2006Eat your heart out, Keith Flett
29 October 2006Head-banging about metal
22 October 2006Even more New Popular than ever
10 October 2006Logging off
9 October 2006Feeds
9 October 2006BW: sing me all your sad lullabies
9 October 2006Now playing
2 October 2006Please feed the programmers
2 October 2006Ah, Iago, my friend
20 September 2006Oh yeah
20 September 2006A potlatch of penguin meat
19 September 2006Art and Open Data (or, paying the mortgage)
17 September 2006Mentioned in despatches, bis
15 September 2006Timetables on iPod
12 September 2006That Steve Jobs keynote in full
12 September 2006That Steve Jobs keynote in full
12 September 2006That Steve Jobs keynote in full
11 September 2006Mentioned in despatches
10 September 2006Spin-offs
7 September 2006Avoiding mx.utils.Delegate with ActionScript 1.0
1 September 2006Blair - look, it's perfectly obvious
30 August 2006Mine's a pint of something drinkable
21 August 2006Faceache
20 July 2006Walkers Crisps say "blame the DfT"
4 July 2006And I will go 7,800 miles
29 June 2006Confused thinking at Technology Guardian
28 June 2006Converting GPS tracks to Illustrator files
21 June 2006Cheeses of the week
15 June 2006Best laptop I ever used
13 June 2006The economic case for pacifism
13 June 2006Towards a free geodata licence
12 June 2006World's best Flash map
8 June 2006"She cannot be typecast as a mere typist"
8 June 2006The Robot PD award for timely delivery
23 May 2006Decline and fall
19 May 2006The Internationale unites the hacker class!!?!11
16 May 2006Myddyffycys (you son of a bitch)
12 May 2006The Organist of Notre-Dame
11 May 2006An innovative exercise in electronic mapping
11 May 2006Of waterway magazine websites
4 May 2006Openstreetmap route-planner
25 April
20 April 2006Ballast
13 April 2006The Situationist City
30 March 2006Flash drawing
28 March 2006This is the newsfeed. Happy now?
26 March 2006No. 1 in an occasional series
23 March 2006Dear Sir
17 March 2006New cartoon superhero
17 March 2006Le retour des Logons
14 March 2006Geowiki bug fix
11 March 2006ShareAlike considered harmful for geodata
2 March 2006Round-up
22 February 2006Hatching plans
14 February 2006I'm backing Ming
31 January 2006Fuck the Youth Hostels Association of England & Wales. Harder
30 January 2006Organists behaving badly
23 January 2006Mapping Britain's cycle routes
16 January 2006EnglandNet revolutionises the tourism arse
13 January 2006Most of our MPs are programmed to rock
11 January 2006Vector contours redux
11 January 2006Vector contours
3 January 2006good job guys! very nice site!
15 December 2005Willelm Henric Geats
12 December 20058vo ownz0rs your web designer'z ass
7 December 2005Cameroonies
6 December 2005Google Maps Terms of Service
29 November 2005Captain Geowiki vs the Forces of Open Source OCR
22 November 2005Not playing
21 November 2005Now playing
18 November 2005Opening protected PDFs in Tiger (OS X 10.4)
13 November 2005Poker leeches
8 November 2005Farewell, Patterson Liddle
7 November 2005Back in the land of the living
7 November 2005More Flash mapping
4 November 2005The earth belongs to Google*
3 November 2005Another Flash map - Yahoo!
15 October 2005Incommunicado
15 October 2005Don't make me BWAF
7 October 2005The dangers of keyword advertising
4 October 2005If only Drif were here
2 October
23 September 2005A proposed Google hack
18 September 2005Advanced Staircase Lock Simulator
17 September 2005Tridion review and experiences
17 September 2005Farewell Waterscape, hello Waterways World
12 September 2005Some you may not have seen
12 September 2005Gesta 2005
22 August 2005A map with a Streetview
12 August 2005I, for one, welcome our New Labour overlords
12 August 2005Extending craft licensing on the Caledonian Canal
25 July 2005Eat your own dogfood
24 July 2005Sign up
24 July 2005I like my name
12 July 2005Chant Donne redux
3 July 2005Saul Canal Festival
29 June 2005All-new
17 June 2005I love Perl
5 June 2005PC Plod, PC Plod, he eats flies and sets everything in Times New Roman
26 May 2005What's wrong with public sector IT, in eight words
21 May 2005PDF mapping - now in glorious technicolor
29 April 2005Tiger launches today
26 April 2005OS man gets blog
22 April 2005ActionScript (or, my brain hurts)
19 April 2005Google Maps: let's all give up and go home
15 April 2005To the stars... with a free map
11 April 2005All the latest, all the time
10 April 2005To Atherstone
8 April 2005Atherstone Booktown
28 March 2005Build your own canal
25 March 2005Free map of London
22 March 2005Are you on what they're on?
21 March 2005And I bet it's still a sod to dock
20 March 2005Fuck the Youth Hostels Association of England and Wales
14 March 2005Meetings
28 February 2005No kidding
22 February 2005Systeme D
21 February 2005Beachcomber Pluriel
20 February 2005Back to the Flash mapping
8 February 2005If you're really clever, you can do it without Flash
7 February 2005Waterway books (or, there goes the bank account)
5 February 2005The Orchestral Hergest Ridge
4 February 2005Drawing lines on railway maps
1 February 2005First rule of not pissing off the user
26 January 2005Dynamic PDFs - first release
26 January 2005Dwim and dwimmer
16 January 2005Dynamic PDF maps - the conclusion
11 January 2005Steve Jobs ate my iBook
24 December 2004Happy Christmas
23 December 2004Here's one for WRG
19 December 2004Buffy's Islamic Keyboard
16 December 2004New, popular and sexy
15 December 2004foo60167.pdf
12 December 2004PDF dynamic mapping (part 2)
8 December 2004PDF dynamic maps
8 December 2004I'll find my frog
5 December 2004Build your own virtual organ
4 December 2004Significantly less cool than the cat
24 November 2004Maps ancient and modern
21 November 2004New Arkos demo
21 November 2004New adventures in webmapping
21 November 2004Ming and PHP
15 November 2004Stupid truckers
14 November 2004Ming, Mac OS X and Perl
12 November 2004The Venezuelans are back
12 November 2004First post