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13 January 2008

Cycle map on your GPS

As often discussed, the National Cycle Network is great fun, but the signposting can leave something to be desired. The Stirling Surveys maps are lovely but only available for a few routes. All of this explains why OpenStreetMap contributors in the UK are mapping the National Cycle Network... but unless you have a particularly l337 phone, you can't take the map with you when you go.

Enter the wondrous Mkgmap, which converts OSM data to .img map files suitable for a Garmin GPS.

By default, the Garmin road styles are fairly car-centric, and the NCN routes aren't highlighted. However, with a bit of preprocessing, I've managed to munge the OSM data so that Mkgmap will make a portable NCN map from it.

(Image thanks to Andy Allan.)

So you have no excuse for getting lost on the NCN ever again. Remind me of that next time I end up on some remote little lane thinking "haven't seen a sign for three miles now...".


Great News, OSM maps on my GPS device.
Unfortunately, I have a Magellan Explorist 210 device. Is anybody considering to make a conversion software from OSM to Magellan background maps format?
Best regards from
Munich, Bavaria

Posted by forestgreen on 26.1.08 21:46

test podvodnoy lodki

Posted by keycleflodo on 24.6.08 02:02


Posted by on 4.8.08 18:18

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