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The New Adlestrop Railway Atlas is a small-scale historical atlas of Britain's railways, currently in progress. It shows lines and stations currently open, together with those that have closed. The key is:


The map currently includes coverage of England outside the North-East, and Wales. As time goes on, I hope to expand the atlas's coverage to include the North-East and Scotland.

It does not show:

  • Historic freight-only lines (with a few exceptions)
  • Sidings or detailed track layouts
  • All historic station names
  • Dates of opening and closure
  • Railway companies owning each line
  • Full detail in the largest urban areas, particularly light rail systems

As a work-in-progress, the map may have mistakes - I make no claims to be a railway historian! But I will correct any that are drawn to my attention. The map is chiefly researched from historic maps and timetables.

It is not intended to be a snapshot of any particular time. Many of the stations and lines will not have co-existed. Nonetheless, I hope you find it interesting and useful.

Copyright and linking

The atlas is © Richard Fairhurst 2001-2021. You are welcome to download a copy to your computer for personal use. Please contact me with any other usage enquiries.

If you would like to link to the atlas, please link to this page at, not directly to the PDF file (which can and does move!). Thank you.


I would be very grateful to hear your comments, corrections and suggestions. Please make sure you include the word "Adlestrop" in your email (not just "your map" - I make lots of maps!). Many thanks to all those who have provided feedback.

If you have difficulties viewing the map, please try another PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe Acrobat or Apple Preview). Some PDF viewers, such as the one built in to Firefox, are not capable of properly viewing a large file like this. Sorry, I can't give technical support on using PDFs.

Richard Fairhurst

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