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The New Adlestrop Railway Atlas is a historical atlas of Britain's railways, currently in progress. It shows lines and stations currently open, together with those that have closed. The key is:

As a work-in-progress, the map may be full of mistakes - I make no claims to be a railway historian! But I will correct any that are drawn to my attention. I have a policy of never lifting information from any copyrighted railway atlas: consequently, everything has to be checked with original sources or railway histories.


The map currently includes Wales, the Midlands, East Anglia, Yorkshire and the South. As time goes on, I hope to gradually expand the atlas's coverage.

It does not show:

  • Freight sidings
  • Dates of opening and closure
  • Railway companies owning each line

It is not intended to be a snapshot of any particular time. Many of the stations and lines will not have co-existed. Nonetheless, I hope you find it interesting and useful. In the future, I intend to add a searchable index to stations, based around the grid lines. There will also be enlargements of the London and Birmingham areas, where some detail is currently omitted for reasons of space.

Where are the updates? It's a long story - but essentially my source materials and the Mac I use for drawing it haven't been in the same place. But now they are. Next challenge is to finish off the Liverpool/Manchester update I've been working on (it's a big, dense area) and then start on a separate "north sheet" covering the Pennines, Borders and Scotland.


I would be very grateful to hear your comments, criticisms and suggestions. Many thanks to the dozens of people who have already offered encouragement and corrections.

Richard Fairhurst

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